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Handmade running wear as unique as you are

If you’ve ever tried to buy colourful running dresses online, you’ll see that see that most websites offer the same styles and designs, whereas our range provides something more exciting and unique.  Both men and women buy dresses for running online as well as matching gaiters and other colourful running gear.

Running gear is generally plain, dull and to be blunt, boring, which is why at Running Afrock, we design a range of unique, colourful running dresses, clothing and fun running accessories. Unique sportswear, that’s made to measure and designed to make you stand out whether you’re competing in a park run or a marathon.

Competing in a race, as well as for competition, is meant to be exciting which is why we designed a range of bright, colourful running clothing and accessories to reflect that. Our innovative designs are made with exciting patterns and fabrics that will make you stand out from the crowd from the start to the finish line and, as our designs are all made to measure, we’re able to cater for all sizes.

Our alternative range of running dresses, skorts, shorts and gaiters have been worn by runners for local park runs, working out in the gym and even the London marathon! They’re ideal for anybody with a fun, funky personality that wants to be seen in the race.

Visit out our running gear store now for our full range of bespoke sportswear that’s as unique as you are