Arm sleeves for running

A simple, stretchy covering for your arms with gentle compression.

Great for brightening up your outfit or complementing your Running Afrock garments. Our printed arm sleeves come in a range of stylish designs and look great on men and women.

As with the rest of our products, our running arm sleeves are handmade in the UK.

What are arm sleeves for running?

If you’re new to running, you might wonder what arm sleeves do. Arm sleeves for runners have more than one purpose.

Arm sleeves cover the forearms and are a convenient way to keep your arms warm when wearing a t-shirt or vest. They are also easy to remove if you become too hot later in your run.

Another reason for wearing arm sleeves when running is protection. Quality arm sleeves are essential to protect the skin against chafing. When running long distance like a marathon, your arms can become sore when they rub against your t shirt. Wearing arm sleeves made from good quality material, you eradicate this problem.

Additionally, you can wear arm sleeves for working out. Many people wear them in the gym as well as for other athletic activities. Arm sleeves are also ideal for those who play sports. Those who play sports such as football and basketball for example often wear arm sleeves. The compression from arm sleeves can help improve blood flow and muscle performance.

What are the best running arm sleeves to buy?

The best running arm sleeves should be made from a good, long-lasting fabric. We make ours using anti-pilling material, featuring 4-way stretch, UV protection and outstanding shape retention.

What size arm sleeve should I get?

When you buy arm sleeves online, it’s important to choose the right size.To get the right fitting and compression, please use our guide to determine the right size for your arms. You can see our full size guide by following this link.

We make our running arm sleeves in the following sizes

  • Extra small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL
  • XXL
    If you have any questions before buying, please contact us here.

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